Storengy pioneers power-to-gas market with investment in Electrochaea GmbH

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München, 20. Februar 2019.

Becoming a shareholder of Electrochaea GmbH, the leading provider of power-to-gas technology
based on biological methanation located in Munich, Germany, STORENGY is positioning itself on an
emerging market, bringing together its operator and integrator skills and an innovative technology
already efficient.

Electrochaea is one of the first-movers in power-to-gas technologies. With its unique bioreactor,
Electrochaea’s technology offers a solution for energy storage, carbon dioxide (CO2) recircularization,
and the production of renewable fuel in the form of synthetic methane. The unique feature of
Electrochaea’s technology is its proprietary reactor and patented catalyst, consisting of an
exceptionally efficient and robust strain of Archaea*, transforming green electricity together with CO2
and hydrogen into methane. The functionality has been proven and further developed in the world’s
first and biggest biomethanation plant near Copenhagen, Denmark. The advantages of biological
methanation are striking; it allows the long-term storage of energy, the decarbonization of the gas grid
and uses (including industry and mobility),and enables independence from fossil fuels.

The investment bears the potential of synergy effects for both parties: Storengy reaffirms that
producing and storing renewable energy are key in its strategy. Electrochaea gains a strong partner
and benefits from the strong stake that Storengy holds as a global, forward thinking utility.
Additionally, with the realization of commercial projects in North America and Europe, Electrochaea
will expand its pioneering role as power-to-gas technology provider.
Simultaneously with the investment, Storengy and Electrochaea are planning to roll out commercial
projects in the North American and European markets. With a strong pipeline of projects, Storengy
and Electrochaea want to be a leading provider of Power-to-Gas worldwide.
Electrochaea’s existing investors (MVP, KfW, b-to-v, Caliza, and Focus First) were excited to invest
along with Storengy in this financing round.

Cécile Prévieu, Executive President of Storengy, welcomes this new partnership: « Electrochaea
brings us an innovative technology in which we believe, and which will allow to reinforce our
competencies as operator and integrator. Our responsibility will take action on the overall process of
Power-To-Gas, starting from the electrolysis upstream and ending in contracting downstream with
renewable energy consumers. Thanks to this new partnership, Storengy and Electrochaea are
positioning themselves as leaders in a new and fast-growing market. »
Mich Hein, Chief Executive Officer of Electrochaea underscores: “Electrochaea is very excited about
having Storengy as an investor and business partner. The combination of our companies’ skills and
experience is a perfect fit to address the growing need for energy storage, CO2 capture and
renewable fuels in global markets. We are fortunate to have a global partner with Storengy´s vision
and commitment to commercialize sustainable technologies for the renewable energy revolution.“

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